burn away

: to dissipate as though consumed by fire

the haze has burned away

: to eliminate by or as if by burning

his style burns away overlocalized fact — Saturday Review

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ˌburn a ˈway [intransitive/transitive] [present tense I/you/we/they burn away he/she/it burns away present participle burning away past tense burned away burnt away past participle burned away burnt away] phrasal verb
to remove something, or to be removed, by burning

They use lasers to burn away the cancerous cells.

The paraffin finally burned away.

Thesaurus: to burn somethingsynonym
Main entry: burn

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burn away [phrasal verb]
burn away or burn (something) away or burn away (something) : to be removed or to remove (something) by fire or heat

The outer layer of wooden shingles burned away quickly in the fire. = The fire quickly burned the outer layer of wooden shingles away.

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Main Entry:burn

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ˌburn aˈway | ˌburn sthaˈway derived
to disappear as a result of burning; to make sth do this

Half the candle had burnt away.

The clothing on his back got burnt away in the fire.

Main entry:burnderived

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